Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hamas 'workplace' accident

Really, someone needs to write a workplace health and safety manual for these people – or at least issue a fatwa forbidding the storage and use of explosives in one’s home. Ynet News:
Health officials in Gaza City said Saturday morning that an explosion in the house of a Hamas gunman has killed the man and wounded 16 relatives and neighbors. The Palestinian Interior Ministry said it was investigating the cause of Saturday's blast at the home of Hamas operative Nader Abu Shaban.

Hamas sources said Abu Shaban was handling explosives when the blast went off. Doctors said two of the 16 wounded are in critical condition. Gaza gunmen frequently store and handle explosives in crowded residential areas. Such blasts have killed and wounded bystanders in the past.
Obviously, this guy has no concern for his neighbors, but this incident does make me wonder if you are a wannabe shahid and you are killed in a workplace ‘accident’ - do you still get your virgins?

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