Monday, May 05, 2008

Eating your own

UN suspends food aid to Gaza, again. Ynet News:
The UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees is to suspend its food aid distribution in Gaza on Monday because of a lack of fuel caused by the Israeli blockade, a spokesman said on Sunday.

"We have exhausted our stocks of fuel, and are therefore forced to stop our food distributions to 1.5 million inhabitants in the Gaza Strip from Monday morning," UNWRA spokesman Chris Gunness said. But Israel has said Gaza's fuel tanks are full and attributed to alleged shortage to the striking Palestinian fuel distributors, who refuse to empty the tanks. The Gaza fuel association said it went on strike to protest over Israel's supply limits. "It's the second time in a week," he added

Of course, we must all remember Hamas is responsible for nothing, and at all costs and in every situation, one must always blame the Jooooos.
And unless you have forgotten - the siege on Israel by Hamas continues.

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