Friday, May 02, 2008

Can you really have enough cash or rockets?

I have a daughter who is entering an honours bachelor program in neuroscience in the fall, and just this week we learned she has been accepted in this special medical mentoring program. So for the next four years she will be shadowing various types of physicians after classes. It’s a great idea and at the end of the four years - she should be able to make a decision between med school or research. Apparently, it’s a hard program to get into but all I know is that it does come with an additional price tag – like most things. Any how, I am really starting to thinking maybe I should make an appeal to USAID. Ynet News reports:
LONDON - The United States would look favorably on a request from the Palestinian Authority for more funds to plug a budget shortfall, the top US Aid official said on Thursday. Henrietta Fore, administrator of the US Agency for International Development, is in London for a meeting on Friday of international donors who last December pledged $7.4 billion to the Palestinians over three years to support efforts to find peace in the Middle East.

The quartet of Middle East peace mediators—the European Union, Russia, the United Nations and the United States—will also meet in London on Friday.

A report from the International Monetary Fund, released in advance of Friday's meeting, said the Palestinian Authority faced a $400 million budget shortfall in the second half of the year.

Asked if Washington would be amenable to a request for more money to help with the budget shortfall, Fore said: "Yes, we think that this is an important part of the world. It's important to support and back strong efforts of progress of people who are working for peaceful, prosperous solutions."

And in other news, only 10 kassam rockets were launched at Israeli civilians by the peaceful neighbors.

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