Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just talk nicely!!!

If ever there was a reason for not electing Obama president of the United States he provided it with this utterly clueless and asinine statement:
Hezbollah's power grab in Beirut has once more plunged that city into violence and chaos. This effort to undermine Lebanon's elected government needs to stop, and all those who have influence with Hezbollah must press them to stand down immediately. It's time to engage in diplomatic efforts to help build a new Lebanese consensus that focuses on electoral reform, an end to the current corrupt patronage system, and the development of the economy that provides for a fair distribution of services, opportunities and employment.

We must support the implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions that reinforce Lebanon's sovereignty, especially resolution 1701 banning the provision of arms to Hezbollah, which is violated by Iran and Syria. As we push for this national consensus, we should continue to support the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Siniora, strengthen the Lebanese army, and insist on the disarming of Hezbollah before it drags Lebanon into another unnecessary war. As we do this, it is vital that the United States continues to work with the international community and the private sector to rebuild Lebanon and get its economy back on its feet.

Do not get me wrong. No one will save the Lebanese but themselves. Nor am I arguing for an American invasion but when the duly elected government of Lebanon tried to do those very things diplomatically - Hezbollah sent armed men to take over the streets of West Beirut. But sure, go ahead, tell yourself it is because the Siniora government failed to talk nicely to Hezbollah.

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