Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From the audacity of hope to the primary season of scrutiny

I had no idea a democratic primary could be so much fun. From Hillary’s Bosian snipers to the 57 United States of America (if that isn’t a slip of manifest destiny – what is???) to imaginary presidential meetings with real foes, to Grannies thrown under the bus, and topped up by an uncle directly involved in the liberation of Auschwitz. And who knew Kenyans were in the Red Army? WHO KNEW!!! Geeze, Stalin was a sly dog.

Maybe Obama and McCain will get around to debating family history. Obama can discuss the exploits of his crazy uncle and McCain can claim his family was directly involved in fighting the war in the pacific theatre during WW2. Than Obama can raise McCain a Ho Chi Minh…anyhoo, I have to hand it to the Obamessiah… he has worked magic and finally done what no one else could do - which is to make Hillary look like the good candidate.

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