Monday, June 02, 2008


This Toronto Star article points out that it is now two years since the arrest of the Toronto 11 nee 18for alleged terrorism plots.

And why is Askov the applicable word/concept we all need to be remembering? The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that an accused has a charter right ‘to be tried within a reasonable time” in what is commonly referred to as the Askov Decision. While it is true the Supreme Court of Canada did not explicitly state a date the rule of thumb for governing a reasonable time frame is two years. Tick, tock.

Watch counsel for the defendants start filing motions based on the Askov decision in the coming days which is a kind of a shame - as I suspected the full trials would be nothing more than pure jokes on the Crown’s part. It is certainly turning out that way on what has leaked out so far. Besides Canadians deserve to know the kind of bang we are getting for our ‘intelligence’ dollar and the only way we will know is by watching the Crown’s case unfold.

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