Thursday, May 01, 2008

In Remembrance of Those who did not go gently into that dark night: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Last Amazon was around nine when she discovered a book of photographs taken from the holocaust. She was quickly flipping through the pages of the book until she stumbled across one picture which quickly brought her world to a stand still. She came to me shaking and demanded to know, "Who was this?" She was pointing to a picture of an unknown woman in Auschwitz - who just happened to be a dead ringer for me, her mother. It's a surreal experience to see your face written in stranger's DNA. I don't know who the woman was nor can I even hint at her story to tell and share. So instead, I will take a minute to remember those who refused to go gently into that dark and still stand out as a light for us all.

These two women, soon to be executed, were members of the Jewish resistance. Dispatches by SS and Police General J. Stroop reported that "...Jews and Jewesses shot from two pistols at the same time....The Jewesses carried loaded pistols in their clothing with the safety catches off....At the last moment, they would pull hand grenades out...and throw them at the soldiers...."

All pictures are taken from A teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust.

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Michael said...

We'll never forget. I just had a very interesting talk with my 5 yr old daughter about the Holocaust.