Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Some people should just never leave home

A few days ago I posted that an unknown assailant had taken three Jews hostage in Poland. I even speculated it might have just been a garden variety robbery gone awry. Well, I was wrong and the reality is much more ironic than I imagined. Turns out, the hostage taker was none other than the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s son - who got drunk and stupid. Or maybe he already was stupid and then just got drunk. Arutz Sheva: The man who held three Jewish teenagers hostage in Warsaw, Poland Monday was the son of Kuwait's Ambassador to Poland, Polish police announced Tuesday.
The man, who was reportedly too drunk to be investigated initially, was named as 23-year-old Mohammad A. He had pulled the students into a room and claimed to have a bomb.

Some people should just never drink. The Jerusalem Post carries more details.


Anonymous said...

Because when he's sober he looooooves the Jews. Some people should just not breathe.


Kateland, aka TZH said...

Well, I suppose, but perhaps its breathing and drinking at the same time some people should just give up.