Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Here is to hoping the real Persians will one day take back their country

There is really is a root cause rationale for Iran to have one of the highest rates of heroin addiction in the world. I suspect it has a great deal with the lack of quality in every day life living under religious fatwa's like this one banning the playing of billards. Ynet News

After a long history of bans imposed on the population by religious officials, including a ban on smoking enforced during the late 19th century and the ban on drinking still in effect today, last week posters were put up in the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz banning pool-playing.

The posters cited a "fatwa," an Islamic religious decree, in favor of the new law. Residents of Tabriz, the central city of Azerbaijan province, reported that volunteers of the country's Revolutionary Guard hung the signs citing the Koran verses, which were signed by some of Iran's most prominent ayatollahs.

On the signs, religious leaders warned citizens to beware of pool clubs and called on all mayors to "urgently close these brothels." According to their claims, the pool clubs have become centers of social corruption, i.e centers of Western culture.

Playing with Barbies is evil and billards is immoral but public hangings, stonings and decapitations are all right and proper. Good grief. It must so suck to be young, Iranian and living under the Mullah's fist.

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