Friday, May 09, 2008

Fatah wins make believe election, Wow.

If I was a different woman with a little less knowledge I might have some sense of sympathy for Fatah’s desperate plight to win the votes of Palestinians. Currently, Fatah has won an election via one measly vote in student elections held in Hebron and its being touted as a sign of progress. The Jerusalem Post:
Hebron University officials say Fatah has won student council elections in a former Hamas stronghold. Fatah activists loyal to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas won 21 seats Wednesday, compared to 20 for Hamas. Fatah supporters honked car horns and fired guns in the air when the results were announced. Islamists controlled the university's student council since 1986. University elections are an important gauge of opinion. Since the violent Hamas takeover of Gaza last year, Fatah has been trying to prevent a repeat in the West Bank. Hebron is traditionally a Hamas stronghold.

Good fracking luck with that.

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