Monday, December 04, 2006

United Nations reaches another new low

The UN released another report condemning Israel for failing to keep its part of the deal on the 2005 agreement with the Palestinian Authority over the Gaza’s borders. Arutz Sheva carried this report:
People, goods and services have been stalled on one side of the border or the other for weeks at a time as a result of terror alerts and other security concerns. For example, the Rafiah and Kerem Shalom border crossings with southern Gaza were closed in March after the EU observers fled the area, as a result of the numerous kidnappings of foreign nationals by terrorists in Gaza.

IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists in a cross-border raid on an army post near the Kerem Shalom crossing on June 25. Shalit’s whereabouts and condition are still unknown, and negotiations for his release have dragged on for months.
Apparently security risks which even the EU monitors perceive as a threat are not “just cause” to close the Israeli side of the Gaza borders in UN estimation. Kind of makes you wonder what kind of benchmarks the UN uses for Jews which would constitute a valid threat and justify Israel closing her side of the borders.


Michael said...

"Kind of makes you wonder what kind of benchmarks the UN uses for Jews which would constitute a valid threat and justify Israel closing her side of the borders."

Why, ovens in Gaza City, of course!

Seriously, why are there any border crossing between Gaza and Israel?

For security reasons, they should all be closed, permanently, and the palys want to trade, they can do it through Egypt.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Michael, I have been wondering since the 2005 border agreement went into effect why the Pally's refuse to do that very thing. In my mind it all points to the lack of serious intentions on the Pally's part to establish their own state.

Let's be frank, if the UN closes all their offices and withdrew support followed by a complete ceasation of international welfare payments, the Pally's would in short order have to divert their attention in establishing an economy rather than arming their populace. There is an old military maxim that an army fights on its stomach. Same goes with terrorist organizations.

As long as the international community picks up the tab the Pally's have no incentive to feed themselves. And before anyone cries foul. Outright open payments have stopped to the Hamas led Palestinian Authority but the Arab league has been sending overt financial aid, the UN and NGO's still run food banks and clinics. Besides what do you call a US payment of 42 million to Abbas from the Bush Administration? Pin money?

What we should be asking is in who's financial interest is it to keep this conflict fluid? But that's the question no one wants to examine in detail.

Michael said...

No ever wants to look at the books too closely, especially when everyone knows how big the embezzelment and theft really is.