Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blood Money

The Jerusalem Post is running an article suggesting that Hezbollah has been paying various and sundry terrorist groups to fire rockets at Israel during the “cease & fire” including Fatah. None of which should come as a big surprise to anyone watching the Middle East but the larger question goes on unasked and unanswered. What we all should be asking - is why does the Iranian Foreign Legion feel it can do so at this time with full impunity?

A nuclear armed Iran while scary in its own right, is not half as scary as a nuclear armed Iran who is willing to share with every Abdul, Ahmed and Fadi with a supposed grudge and a death wish mission. Iran’s willingness to share money, weapons and training to any and all Islamist who come knocking with hat in hand is a clear and present danger to us all on five continentals.

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