Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Saving Shlomo so you can kill Gershom tomorrow Deal

Give us a state based on the Armistice lines of 1949 and we will give you a ceasefire - perhaps as long as 20 years announces Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas reports Ynet News:
Hamas is ready for a ceasefire with Israel if a Palestinian state is established, Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas said in a speech delivered Tuesday afternoon. Haniyeh's speech dealt mainly with internal issues. He responded to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' call for elections in the Palestinian Authority and called for unity in the struggle against the occupation.

However, he also called for the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. If this takes place, he clarified, he would be ready for a long-term ceasefire, which may even last 20 years.
So if the state of Israel evicts nearly a half a million citizens from their homes outside the July 1967 borders, Israel can have a ceasefire for maybe as long as 20 years or one generation. And in that 20 years the Palestinian Authority can raise another radicalized generation fully armed and kitted out. This is progress?


Michael said...

"This is progress?"

No, it is not.

The palestinians could have had, in 2000, exactly what they are demanding now, without any long and violent campaign of terrorism and counter-terrorism, if they were really interested in having a state.

But they are not. As the founding documents of both Fatah (PLO) and Hamas say, their main goal is to destroy Israel and kill the Jews.

Getting a state will possibly bind them to international law and the commonly accepted standards of international behavior between states, and that is the last thing the palestinian leadership wants.

Anonymous said...

Palestine, or I mean Islamofacists, cannot ever have peace with Israel. Not because of their overwhelming hatred (that being the case for all the sheep that are used for explosions), but because the leadership knows that without that big, nasty, enemy they have nothing.

If peace is achieved all the people will realize how they were lied to, and how much their leaders stole from them. Israel is a crutch for all of these two bit regimes in the middle east. Israel is the distraction from the bad governance and horrible leaders in the region that keep the people placated.

Besides, "beware of Muslims bearing gifts!"