Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Florida North - Rain in Toronto, but Snow in Jerusalem

Ha’aretz is reporting that SNOW is forecasted for Jerusalem:
Unusually heavy rains and extreme cold are expected to hit most parts of the country Tuesday night and Wednesday, raising hopes for snow in Jerusalem, the Judean hills, Safed, and even some regions of the northern Negev.

The snow is expected to start in the north Tuesday night, extend to the hilly regions in the center of the country on Wednesday morning, and move on to the Negev on Wednesday afternoon. The storms will end Wednesday afternoon, but an extreme cold front is expected to last until the end of the week.

"Toward this evening and tonight, the weather will worsen," said Amit Savir from the meteorology company Meteo-Tech. "Strong winds will blow, there will be rain and thunderstorms in the north and the center, when it will also begin to snow in the north of the country.
Meanwhile, back in Toronto of the Great White North, the forecast calls for rain with sunny breaks and a high of 3° Celsius.

I feel so incredibly cheated by this.


Michael said...

Kate, I was talking a friend in Michigan, and realized that it is actually colder today in Karmiel than in Detroit.

Go figure.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

I know the irony is astounding.

Actually, it makes Israel more appealing for me. Toronto was never known as the snowbelt, and if I recall correctly, the last time we had a really Canadian snowfall (1998) the mayor called in the army to cope.

Toronto never has much snow, more rain and freezing rain than anything else, but this year the lack is really startling.

Michael said...

Here in Israel, the lack of rain this winter is just dangerous. The Kinneret is too far below maximum level, and we can easily slip back into a drought.

At least today is rainy, and tomorrow is supposed to be the same. I hope it keeps up.

I never really appreciated how lucky the US and Canada are, to be sitting on the Great Lakes, until I moved here.