Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Is there any act of carnage a Falling Star won’t excuse or absolve the Palestinians of?

Its no wonder there is so little clarity on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when a main stream news paper like the Toronto Star leads with this headline:
Israeli strikes threaten Gaza Truce

JERUSALEM – Israel decided on Wednesday to resume pinpoint attacks against Palestinian rocket-launching cells in Gaza, seriously jeopardizing what is already a shaky, month-old truce with Gaza militants. The decision came hours after a rocket seriously wounded two Israeli teenage boys in Sderot, a town in southern Israel close to the Gaza border. Although Israel declared it remained committed to the truce, the decision to strike against rocket launchers clearly raises the level of violence.
I have always wondered why the main stream media in the West infantilizes the Palestinians to such a degree that no matter what acts or sins it commits it can never be held truly accountable.

Sixty-one rocket attacks have been launched against Israel since the “ceasefire” went into effect, and it is only now, when the Israeli government orders the IDF to act in the event it observes a Palestinian terror cell is launching an imminent kassam attack that the “truce” is threatened by Israeli actions?

I’d say shame to the Toronto Star but perhaps it would be better understood if I said it this way - HARAM ALEKEM


Michael said...

Kate, it's that Israeli double standard.

Paly violence doesn't count, and taking Jewish lives clearly won't break a truce (which most of the terrorist groups didn't sign onto anyway), but self-defense just can't be permitted, now, can it, especially if it can help the Jews.

Shit, I'm not getting bitter or anything, am I?

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Michael, I'd think it would be more of a cause for concern if you were not a touch bitter now and then. I could make a case that a touch of bitterness is a rational response to the irrationality of the situation.

My daughter and I just finished a fiction reading a fiction novel - The Secret Book of Grazia dei Rossi. It's one of those chicklit books that one means to read but never quite gets around to reading it. So this year we did. Both of us were struck by one similar thought when reading it - which was how truly miraclous it was that any Jews survived 2000 years of relentless and unceasing prosecution.

Who else can claim the same? So there is always cause to hope.