Monday, December 18, 2006

Hamas to World: Choose sides and the Jews get it

My son and I were discussing the concept of Islamic Jihad attempts to act as peacekeepers between Hamas and Fatah. He took issue with my suggesting Islamic Jihad would say, “Stop fighting or the Jews get it!”, and suggested it would be more appropriate for Islamic Jihad to say, “Stop fighting or the Jews doesn’t get it!”. Little did I realize my little quip was closer to the spirit of the truth. Taken from Ynet News:
Hamas is debating whether to resume suicide bombings inside the Jewish state and may allow its military wing to openly engage in anti Israeli attacks if Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is aided in his calls for new Palestinian elections, Hamas members told WorldNetDaily.

"If the Israelis or the Americans and international community interferes in Palestinian affairs and encourages Abu Mazen (Abbas) to go on with elections, this will lead to internal Palestinian clashes, but the fighting will not just remain internal," said Abu Abdullah, who is considered one of the most important operational members of Hamas' Izzedine al-Qassam Martyrs Brigades, Hamas' declared "resistance" department.

Abu Abdullah warned if the Hamas government falters the terror group "will use all tools it has, including coming back to suicide attacks inside Israel." Hamas sources told WND the terror group is debating whether to publicly reintroduce its "military wing" and carry out attacks against Israel. "It is only a matter of a political decision before we restart attacks and put our military wing into effect," said a top Hamas source.

As much as I hate to be in agreement with an organization like Hamas there is no good guys in this fight, and for that reason alone; it is imperative for the west to stay out of the Palestinian OK Corral.

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Michael said...

Encourage democracy = promote terrorism

What a conundrum we are in! The West condemns the terrorists, and claims to promote democracy, but promoting democracy will increase the terrorism.

There is no way out of it, except to pull away and let them blast each other. For which, I am certain, Israel will take the blame.