Friday, December 01, 2006

I am ignoring the world as

I have far too much to do this morning so only a few quick hits.

Hezbollah is threatening to take over the streets of Beirut which is worth keeping an eye on. Hezbollah is demanding a greater share of governmental power than its electoral role offers. One cannot say that Iranian Foreign Legion is not without chutzpah.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is set to deliver a “momentous” policy speech today. I suspect that he will announce unity talks with Hamas have failed and he will dissolve the government and….’and yet’ is the question. It he foolish enough to call for another election? And chance not just going down, but going down the drain? Or mayb, he will dissolve the government and appoint himself as sole leader of the Palestinian people – that should get exciting. Or he may announce his retirement….nah.

And finally weapons smuggling has returned to pre-Israeli operation Autumn Clouds levels between Egypt and Gaza. Whatever happened to the great names of yester year when military offensives had names like “grapes of wrath” instead of things like Summer Rain, and now Autumn Clouds? If I was a Palestinian terrorist, I would have a hard time taking an Israeli offensive seriously named "Autumn Clouds". It sounds weak and whiny.

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