Sunday, December 03, 2006

Belinda Grunts

Now you know why she has earned the moniker as the Minister of Complex Files. I could never get over how downright patronizing it was to term a political report a “pink” book. Geeze.

By the way - any takers to bet on how long before Iggy pack his bags and book it out of the country?


glenda said...

Iggy will be gone by Winterlude. Belinda, as soon as the ski season is over.

glenda said...

Iggy will be gone by Winterlude. Belinda as soon as the ski season is over.

scott said...

She [Belinda] has no original ideas and is plain and simple a rip off artist. The fact that Susan Smith was the true architect of the "pink" book speaks volumes of that document.

As well, when Belinda ran for the Tory leadership, she ripped off Martha Stewart's colours/logo and tried to portray herself as a Martha like icon who would bake an "economic pie". Please.

I guess people, even in the liberal party, see through her shallow persona as they voted down her proposed resolution regarding a OMOV system. Not only did it not get the 2/3 required, it also did not even get a majority. I think you can thank her for that.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Glenda, I don't know if Belinda will wait for ski season to be over - I hear Aspen is nice this time of year but then again maybe she'll wait for hockey season to be over?

Thanks Scott, I had no idea her resolution didn't even pass - I don't pay too much attention to Belinda as every time I do she rubs me the wrong way.