Monday, December 11, 2006

British Home Secretary Upholds Traditional and blames scapegoats

If this is represents best reasoning and chattering by the British political classes; then they are doomed. Taken from Ynet News:
The fight against Muslim terrorism will last at least 30 years and it is "highly likely" that Britain will witness terror attacks over Christmas, Home Secretary John Reid told the Daily Telegraph on Monday. Reid said British security services are handling 30 terror plots being planned in the country, warning that although the MI-5 is doing its best to ensure the public's safety he cannot guarantee 100 percent success.

"We can never guarantee that we will get 100 percent success but we do get 100 percent effort from the security services." Reid said the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians was fueling "international terrorism," urging its resolution.

"The aim of the terrorists is to divide the community, to pretend that this is a war between Muslims and everyone else, when it isn't. In a funny way they reflect the views of the extreme Right of politics who argue the same thing — that the big division is between Islam and everyone else. It isn't — it's between the terrorists and everyone else and only with that unity can we ultimately defeat them."

My oh my, and here I thought al Qaeda was last out the door to the Palestinian block party. And who knew, the threat from al Qaeda had nothing to do with an ideology but the Jews? I say, we write Britain off right now and just cut our losses while we can.

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