Thursday, February 08, 2007

United in Hate

I shamelessly stole part of the title from a great post at Simply Jews.

It’s bad enough that SnoopytheGoon has me seeing blood libels everywhere I turn since last weekend. From the Koran to Poets, to vampire legends, to a dingbat Italian professor who believes confessions evicted under torture (circa 1100-1500) can be used as valid historical evidence for Jews using gentile blood in religious rituals.

I am so sick of the whole sordidness of the blood libel imagery that I don’t have the heart to even attempt to do a more recent and potentially more serious one justice. Let’s call this the Mugrabi Gate Fiasco and SnoopytheGoon has the details. Besides he not only has all the details put forward in a coherent fashion, but he has pictures plus diagrams. It’s like a three-for 1.


Canadi-anna said...

Have you read Betrayal: France, the Arabs and the Jews by David Pryce-Jones?

It's an interesting read and among other things, gives context to modern blood-libel allegations.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Well, I am big fan of Pryce-Jones and its on my list of books to acquire, but I haven't read it yet.