Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some ceasefire

Both the Jerusalem Post and Ynet News carried online accounts of the Islamic Jihad suicide bomber which Israeli security forces successfully apprehended earlier today in Tel Aviv, but it’s only from Arutz Sheva’s account where one learns it was not the only threat:
Earlier in the day on Tuesday, Palestinian Authority terrorists shot and lightly injured a contractor who was working on the security fence near northern Jerusalem, according to police. The man was treated by first response personnel at the scene of the shooting.

The PA-based attackers were not identified.

An IDF patrol unit also came under enemy attack on Tuesday afternoon. PA terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at the soldiers as they drove next to the southern section of the security fence that runs along the Gaza Strip. No one was hurt in the attack and no damage was reported.

The Elder of Ziyon has been keeping a track of Kassam rocket attacks launched against Israel since the November truce (obviously he has a stronger stomach than I) and has a handy calendar up for quick reference for the month of February. So far today’s account stands at 8 based primarily from Palestinian sources.

Since this is the ceasefire I hate to think what peace looks like.

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