Thursday, February 22, 2007

Food Insecurity

'Food insecurity' rampant in West Bank, Gaza screams the headline at Ynet News:
Around 46 percent of Gaza and West Bank households are "food insecure" or in danger of becoming so, The Independent quoted a UN report as saying. According to The Independent, the unpublished draft report on the impact of the global boycott of the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority says the problem "is primarily a function of restricted economic access to food resulting from ongoing political conditions."

It took me a long time to wrap my head around the phrase “food insecurity”. I suspect its one of those strange translations anomalies which results from translating English to Hebrew and then into English again.

You can really the whole article but I can do my bit to summarize it.

For the past 12 or so years the Palestinian Authority has chosen to make the acquisition of bombs, guns, and ammo central to its economy rather than focus all their efforts into building a viable, self-staining economy for the West Bank and Gaza.

This has led to the loss of life, livelihoods and malnutrition, ergo, the need for continued and expended welfare payments from the international community to ensure that all Palestinian households have enough to eat while they pursue their chosen first national priority; killing Jews.

Frankly, this is the logical consequence of consistently choosing guns, bombs and ammo over butter, bread and rice. I say, let them eat bullets.

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