Friday, May 08, 2009


Nannygate is the perfect Liberal storm and contrary to Dhalla’s lawyer’s insinuations this isn’t a political plot to discredit a Liberal MP. Quite frankly, Canadian political conservatives just aren’t known for doing anything better than an awkward political fumble or two. Just think Puffin-Dion.

What fascinates me is how quiet all the left-leaning liberal bleeding-hearts have gone. Three immigrant nanny/caregivers all claiming abuse at the hands of the family of an elected member of parliament and not a word is blogged on their behalf by all the usual suspects. I suspect commenter “you’dbesurprised” at the Toronto Star summed up the Liberal position best:
I am normally a happy Liberal but I'm distressed that the Star reported on this story in the first place.

I bet you are. And Bob Rae too. It is a modern Canadian cautionary tale of greed – as in greed - either of the nannies or greed of the Dhalla family for going cheap and not hiring Canadian in the first place.

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