Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pooh-Gate or How Dion Got the Puffin Sh**t

I have two pieces of advice. The first for Stephane Dion – Dude, it's seriously time to man up and grow a set of balls. No one wants a whiny wimp for a prime minister. No matter what you personally think of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien's character - no one could accuse the little scrapper from Shawinigan as lacking a set and he knew how to take a punch and return it. Think golf balls and small town cheap. Brush it off and move on. Show you can take punch without the whine.

For the Liberals in general - can the faux outrage. The only thing all the howling has got you is a larger audience watching the birdie pooh all over Dion. The ad has now gone viral with double duty media coverage. This is so not the mental image you want in people's heads when they think Dion –need I remind you – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Besides, your chateau-boy started it by getting out of the gate and calling the current Prime Minister a liar. There was absolutely nothing 'parliamentarian' in Dion's choice of words or attack. Faking outrage just looks like a case of terminal sour grapes. The best thing Dion could do is turn the joke around by giving a speech or two with a stuffed bird on his shoulder and showing he is the better man…on second thought maybe skip the bird perched on the shoulder speech… the visuals just don’t ever work for your guy.

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