Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Iraqis propose filing lawsuit against the ‘State which cannot be Named’

The correct spelling of a defendant/respondent’s name is one of those annoying little things which can cause a lawsuit to be delayed unnecessarily or even thrown out of court. It is one of those little nagging traditions of common law which law clerks wrestle with on a daily basis. I remember once having to file five different affidavits for a criminal records search for a single individual as the police had spelled the witness’ five different ways in the police disclosure.

So I am thinking the Israelis won’t have much problem dodging this proposed lawsuit.Arutz Sheva.

IsraelNN.com) Iraqi parliamentarians are weighing a lawsuit against Israel in which they would demand compensation for Israel's 1981 strike on the Osiraq nuclear reactor. Israel demolished the reactor to prevent the terror-supporting state from attaining nuclear weapons.

Iraqi MP Mohammed Naji Mahmoud is leading the push to sue. Iraq deserves “billions of dollars” in damages, Mahmoud has said. The MPs hope to pass a bill that would require the Iraqi government to sue Israel for damages. However, the government must do so without recognizing the State of Israel as a legitimate entity, the MPs say. The suit, if it is filed, will use the United Nations condemnation of the Israeli strike as proof that Israel unfairly caused Iraq financial losses.

I can’t help it. I am actually looking forward to see how the Iraqis will solve this problem. I just cannot see how the ‘Zionist Entity’ will be allowed to stand or how about the ‘State which cannot be named’ as a defendant/respondent?

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Lee said...

Being that Iraq is now controlled by the US, they should be able to bend the legal rules as they have done for the past eight years.