Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Red Shoe Diary

I have always loved red accessories. Don’t ask why, just accept it. Every spring I seem to run across a pair of red shoes which call my name and I just have to have them. This year it was a pair of red patent leather Italian slingback sandals on super sale. I have put off wearing them because I just know breaking them in is going to hurt. I might have danced on pointe for years but I do just about anything else to avoid hurting my feet which is why I do not own a pair of high heels. I look at a pair of Jimmy Choos and my feet actually break out in a sweat and my toes curl up in fetal position instinctively.

Yesterday, I finally felt brave enough to break out the shoes and wear them to work. I managed the entire day without a single pain or ache. Happy Feet. Absolutely amazing. G-d bless the Italians. What they can craft in a pair of shoes is beyond precedent. For this alone, Italian cobblers should merit a place in the world to come.

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