Thursday, May 14, 2009

To the anonymous putzs and the not so putzie in the virtual world

In my first two weeks of blogging, I do not believe I had even 10 visitors to my blog but I did receive the first death threat via email. Alas, it was not the only death threat but merely the first of many. I have been blamed for everything from the sexual abuse of animals to the rise of anti-Semitism and cited as the primary cause of climate change. I have been defamed and maliciously so at times in the comments. I have harassed and pilloried by other bloggers but it’s the true gauntlet of personal email which have astounded and stupefied me - ranging from promises of undying love and affection, proposals of marriage and sexual liaisons right up to death threats, threats of bodily harm to threats of sexual mutilation. There have been witticisms and many a wry observations which have caused me to spit out a few mouthfuls of early morning coffee. I took it all in stride and put it down to the hazards of the internet blogging.

I keep all the emails and duly and log and tag all the IP addresses. I have worked in criminal law and lived in the urban core long enough to know that one never knows when either the benign or malicious will make good on their proposals or threats but here is what I will not tolerate – some two-bit putz commenting anonymously and embedding a picture of another woman and claiming its me. I take my own bounce and no one has to take the fall for anything I have written, said or believed and that is just how I roll.

So here I am folks, not the greatest picture, but it’s me, and I duly claim every line on my face and extra pound on my 46 year old middle aged frame - right down to the gray hairs on my head. Take your best shot because I guarantee you won’t every get another chance to take another.

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