Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama vs Bibi

I woke up dead-tired - again. I really don’t get what it is about these long weekends but they do wear me out something fierce - much more than the regular variety. Then there really wasn’t much news which interested me enough to blog yesterday – hence the blankness - and I make no promises about today.

Most of the newspapers this weekend were running opinion pieces on the Israeli Prime Minister’s first trip to the Obama White House. The anti-Israeli fractions were gleefully predicting person non grata status for Bibi Netanyahu and/or he would finally get his comeuppance as Obama would hand Bibi his butt. The pro-Israel sides all seemed worried over Bibi and fretted endlessly that Bibi would cave into American delusions rather than stand strong and resolute.

From the sounds of it, an hour meeting went on long after its Best Before Date expired which leads me to believe, and judging from Bibi’s statements to the press afterwards - it went better than anyone could possibly hope for it -Bibi held his ground and Obama got nothing but gets does get to keep his own parts workable.

Anyway, I read this NY Times piece on the meeting and this sentence really seem best suited to summing up the process for me.
In a sense, Monday’s meeting in the Oval Office was as much about the two leaders’ efforts to develop a relationship as it was about the substance of the issues between the nations. Mr. Miller, the former Middle East negotiator, characterized the session as “President ‘Yes We Can’ sitting down with Prime Minister ‘No You Won’t.’ ”

Believe it or not, I figure Bibi more or less has prevailed as there is nothing Obama has done in his 100 plus days which doesn’t scream foreign policy pussy.

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