Friday, May 22, 2009

A new aggravator in the Canadian 'sphere

It’s no secret when Neale News went offline Canada’s bloggers lost one their best online resources. Bourque is okay, but its layout is poor which makes it touch harder on the eyes. There were high hopes for the National News Desk but it’s been a half-empty/full kind of thing. Nowhere else would anyone find a collection of some of the most stunningly ignorant opinion pieces via local Halifax newspapers - which also explains why the Maritimes votes predominantly liberal.

So its nice to report there is a new online source for a news aggravator - Canada News Desk. It’s nicely laid out and gives you a two or three line taste beyond the headline and it accepts comments too! So far it seems balanced and as an extra bonus - there is no weirdness with daff opinion pieces from Halifax or pimping the liberal blog most likely to launch a defamation suit against you.

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