Friday, May 01, 2009

Good for a Hoot

I woke up far too late and far too exhausted to have time to blog this morning. I have a few posts on the go but will probably not see the cyber light of day until much later – if at all. Anyway, my beloved Amazon is home and tipped me off to this website called Rate Your MD.

Reading the comments about the various doctors with the ‘low’ ratings is not only a good time waster but it does not lack for comedy. I have subsequently come to the conclusion that Sudbury hates its Dermatologists, Ears, Nose and Throat Specialists and ER physicians. For example, a Sudbury ER physician gets failing grade of 1.0 but one has to read the comments to determine where where his/her medical failings come from:
“This has to be one of Sudbury’s most unknowledgeable ER doctors with NO bedside manners. He also really knows how to make you uncomfortable and make one feel like they are an incovinence! The ER is there for you but he makes one feel like it is ONLY for emergencies."

Taxpayers of the province should be giving him a medal for doing his civic duty.

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