Friday, May 22, 2009

Everyone is feeding the fires now

We were treated to Hillary Clinton musing on the dangers of the nuclear arms race in the Middle East which could be sparked by Iran's quest for nuclear energy. Yesterday, Obama gives the heads up to share and set up the United Arab Emirate with nuclear technology. Jerusalem Post:
President Barack Obama agreed Wednesday to share US nuclear power technology with the oil-rich United Arab Emirates, giving his consent to a deal signed in the final days of George W. Bush's administration. The pact now goes to Congress, which will have 90 days to amend or reject it. The agreement creates a legal framework for the US to transfer sensitive nuclear items to the United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven Middle Eastern states that wants nuclear power to satisfy growing demand for electricity.

Funny how that 'hope and change' mantra looks so much like so the old Bushisms.

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