Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wrap a scarf around her head, add a pair of gold earrings and she’s good to go for a career change

Elizabeth May channels the election fairies while P-Iggy dodges the current fall-out from Nannygate:

Elizabeth May made the comments in Parksville Thursday while promoting her new book, Losing Confidence, Power Politics and the Crisis in Canadian Democracy. “Michael Ignatieff is doing better in the polls and there are some hawks in the Liberal party who want to go,” May said. “We could be in an election as early as June.” May said there’s a good chance the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP would throw their weight behind the Liberals, should they decide to pull the plug on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s minority government.

The more I see and read of Elizabeth May, Canadian Green Party Leader, the more I think she possess real career potential as one of those dial-a-psychics advertised in the back pages of the tabloids. All she needs to do is wrap a scarf around her head, a pair of gold loop earrings and she good to good. And she’s already got the mou-mou dress and the gab down.

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