Thursday, January 25, 2007

No doubt about it - Liberal leader Stephane Dion knows his Liberals

Earlier this week he suggested the Liberal party is the party of convictions. I really just thought of it as one of those little silly language gaffes but now I think he’s really onto something.

h/t National News Watch


Neo Conservative said...

More like the "party of dropped on their head at birth."

I mean that Kinsella sure knows how to pick 'em

If you were gonna set yourself up as a spokes-rocker for truth and justice... bearing in mind that nobody is disputing that dishonesty and injustice are legion in this wicked world... you might not want to kick it off by defending poor ole' farmboy "Willie" Pickton...


Kateland, aka TZH said...

Neo-con, I think Kinsella's more of a "spokes-punk" rather than spokes-rocker. But I agree on "Willie". All I can say is I am forever grateful for my allergy to pork.