Friday, January 05, 2007

It's incredibly lucrative to be PA Chairman

Somedays, I really am not in the mood or right frame of mind to blog, but then again; why should today be different from any other day? So I will just lead with a few quick links:

PA Chairman Abbas should be feeling mighty flush this morning as he has the Israelis agreeing to unlocking US$100 million into his stewardship and according to Ynet News the Bush Administration will give pony up another US$86 to Abbas to fight Hamas. Hamas asks that Abbas reject the funds in the name of Palestinian Unity. No wonder Arafat killed off all leadership hopefuls and pretenders.

Still more fire than cease as Kassam’s are still landing in Sderot.

Caroline Glick’s latest column is up and she’s always worth a read. The Bitter Fruit of Corruption.

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