Tuesday, June 09, 2009

War crimes investigation hits a wall

Ynet News is reporting the UN investigation into Israeli war crimes has hit a few snags:
After interviewing dozens of war victims and poring through the files of human rights groups, a veteran UN war crimes investigator acknowledged that his probe into possible crimes by Israel and Hamas is unlikely to lead to prosecutions.

Israel has refused to cooperate, depriving his team access to military sources and victims of Hamas rockets. And Hamas security often accompanied his team during their five-day trip to Gaza last week, raising questions about the ability of witnesses to freely describe the militant group's actions.

But the chief barrier remains the lack of a court with jurisdiction to hear any resulting cases. "From a practical political point of view, I wish I could be optimistic," Judge Richard Goldstone said, citing the legal and political barriers to war crimes trials.
You know, I am weeping big fat crocodile tears over this one. Meanwhile there is always Sri Lanka and the Tamils...opps, I forgot - cross it off the list too.

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