Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Blogging just blows for me and this is one of these days. Last night I had to deal with the Blue Screen of Death. Go ahead and say it - I should be using Linux and I would but I am far too lazy to get as proactive as I would have to be to make the change over. I have a new computer coming with 'Vista', so I expect I will be making the change-over rather soon.

My particular Blue Screen of Death issue wouldn't let me reboot even in safe mode so I could determine where the problem lies. I eventually solved my problem but without a knowledge of DOS from the old days before Windows based operating systems my only options would be junking the hard drive and replacing it or send the machine into the shop. Neither idea particularly appealed to me. Everything is running properly - for now.

But I just don't have any urge to blog this morning. Perhaps, I will later or not.

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