Sunday, June 07, 2009

First there was the 'new' math, now there is the new 'geography'

In the last 20 years I have seen a variety of societal changes, most of which leaves me scratching my head wondering how it all came about. There is currently a show on MTV where a bi-sexual female recording artist (her names escapes me but its some kind of liquor) stars in this reality based series wherein she is looking for ‘love’ and approximately 20 people (both male and female) compete equally for the opportunity to find ‘love’ with her. Male, female - same or no difference for her.

My teenagers were completely blasé about the show and were more shocked to learn that I had no idea this is the kind of thing is considered standard fare on cable stations. Obviously, I don’t watch enough television. Forget about the unseemliness and vulgarity of the human experience being reduced to a reality show, and ask yourself; how and when did this kind of transition happen? I swear, some days I wake up and wonder how I became such a stranger in a strange land without ever leaving the country.
I was cleaning up the house and discovered a booklet distributed which offered a clue to how these transitions are made right under our noses. It was given out in my youngest son’s grade 9 Canadian Geography course. He has to keep it as his teacher advised him some of the material may end up on his geography exam but he did let me take pictures.

If you thought Canadian Geography was a nice ‘safe’ subject and would not present much of an opportunity for so-called progressives crew to put into practice a bit of ‘social engineering’ - it just shows your ignorance. The booklet – Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating’ distributed by the Vegan Outreach Organization based in Arizona. Not only was it distributed in my son’s Canadian Geography, it was presented with a guest speaker who also gave a little speech and was prepared to answer every possible question they might have or want to know about ‘vegan’ living.

How this relates to Canadian Geography is a bit of a stretch but then I am old school and thought Canadian geography course material would deal primarily with the physical geological composition of the country. It did when I took the course in the seventies – my fracking bad. If it was to be offered anywhere I would have thought ‘health’ classes might have been a better fit…oh well and so it goes. The pamphlet ends with a quote by Peter Singer of Animal Liberation. Of course, no one representing Canadian dairy producers or from the Canadian Association of Beef Cattle Farmers was invited to speak to ‘offer’ balance.

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