Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So who isn't on strike in the Centre of the Universe?

Day two in the Centre of the Universe's garbage strike. We are no longer allowed to fill public garbage bags and incredible shrinking minds at city hall came up with this solution to stop Toronto residents from using the garbage cans. In addition, there is a $380 fine if you are now caught dumping garbage in a public can. Most of the garbage cans in my neighborhood have the plastic wrap ripped off and are now filled to capacity. C'est la vie!

I have yet to met a resident who would publicly acknowledge sympathy for the garbage men and tempers are running high. The Toronto Star reported earlier that a picketing garbage man has been run down on the picket line in front city hall. The moral of which should be - don't block access to a downtown resident's parking spot.

But that is the least of the city's labour problems because as of midnight tonight - LCBO workers are set to walk off the job which means most of us are doomed. For those of you who do not have the misfortune of living in Ontario; this means no liquor will be sold. And the bars – well, once their stock is consumed - we will all be condemned to drink beer. Lucky for me, I am diversification personified and my home is well stocked with Israeli wine, Russian vodka, Jamaican Rum, and Italian spumante.

There is a simple fix to both the garbage and LCBO labor issues. Privatized, and then, pull a Ronald Reagan - and fire them all.

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