Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let them strike!

CTV is reporting the LCBO workers strike deadline has been extended as long as both sides remain at the bargaining table. Well, Baruch HaShem for small blessings. The main contentious point is the 'rights' of part-time workers but its half-way through this article that the sticking point is discussed.
Workers are fighting for improved benefits for casual employees who currently receive no vacation pay, sick time or benefits. They can also be called in to work a shift that is as short as two hours. Before the strike deadline was extended, LCBO spokesperson Chris Layton said the board has a history of averting strikes. He also said casual employees are compensated fairly and make up to $18 an hour.

"We are bargaining very seriously," he told CTV Toronto. "We have tried to meet the union's demands and their concerns. We owe it to the public to come up with an agreement to negotiate a settlement." If LCBO employees do eventually strike, Beer Store locations and Ontario-only wine shops will not be affected by the job action.

"If you just have full-time employees, we would have a lot of staff at the store and not the business to warrant that staff so it helps us operate efficiently," he said.
But union officials say workers need to drive from store to store in one day in order to make enough money to support themselves."We're talking about people who have been working for this company for 10 or 15 years and they still haven't seen a vacation day or benefit or anything," said Craig Hadley with the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. "The LCBO can afford to do better. We're not asking for crazy things. This just fairness.
So the union is not asking for crazy things except what do call a person who sticks with a job which only pays for 2 hours a shift for 10-15 years? I call it batshit crazy even if the job pays $18 an hour. I can't wait for the union to tell us it takes years of training and a whole host of special skills to scan a know - its coming.

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