Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cdn Airline I vote most likely to lose your luggage

Will now start carrying your pets - again. The Globe and Mail:

In hopes of wooing back pet owners, cash-strapped Air Canada will again allow some cats and dogs aboard commercial flights, reversing a three-year-old decision that had banished the animals to the luggage compartment.

Beginning next month, cats and small dogs weighing up to 10 kilograms (22 pounds) will be allowed to be stowed under their owner's seat as a carry-on item on Air Canada and Jazz flights. The animals must be registered and in leak-proof containers. The airline will charge a handling fee of $50 each way for flights within Canada and the United States, and $100 each way for international connections. It's an about-face for the airline, which in 2006 announced that all pets would have to fly in the luggage hold.

"This is the latest of our customer-friendly initiatives that underscores our renewed commitment to listening to our customers and offering a competitive product that meets their needs," Ben Smith, executive vice-president and chief commercial officer at Air Canada, said in a written statement.

Flying in Canada – you still better off using West Jet as the customer service is fantastic and it usually costs significantly less.

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