Friday, June 19, 2009

So long, shalom

Tonight's song is for my friend, Beachnut, who never really knew any Leonard Cohen before I started to post the video-songs online. The thing about Leonard Cohen is; one never really listens to the music as much pathos Cohen imparts to the imagery of his lyrics. Many of Cohen's best songs have been huge hits for other singers, and quite often, the cover is much more powerful than the original Cohen tune. Whenever I hum along to Bird on a Wire it is Aaron Neville's voice I hear. My choice tonight is the exception, and I have yet to hear anyone master this song better than Cohen.


Now so long, Marianne, it's time that we began
to laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again.

Well you know that I love to live with you,
but you make me forget so very much.
I forget to pray for the angels
and then the angels forget to pray for us.


Bob Dawson said...

If it be your will; live London disc 2. A prayer.
And the video of Dance me to the end of love, the one which shows the marriage photos from long ago, and the same couples, now, dancing. Sorry, but you know, I really just take dictation. Most everything I learned, I learned it from someone else. It's listening to someone who has been there, and you have been there too, but they describe it better; that's Cohen; Isaiah the 4th. I somehow got sent here from Darcey's site. I suspect it's in the software.

beachnut said...

Wow. Beautiful song.
Thank you Kateland

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Your welcome Beachnut.

Bob, too true.

Candace said...

I saw him a month or so ago. Hard to believe he's in his 70s. And it's very weird to hear his younger voice (85,000,000 cigarettes earlier?)

"If it be your will" had shivers going down my spine.