Tuesday, June 09, 2009

So, just how many armed terrorist groups are running around the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip?

Yesterday there was an attack launched against the Israeli border from the Gaza Strip. Ynet News:

An Israel Defense Forces' investigation into a major terror attack thwarted Monday morning south of the Karni crossing in the Gaza Strip revealed that the gunmen, believed to be affiliated with al-Qaeda, arrived at the crossing with several trucks and at least five horses loaded with explosive devices and mines.

According to the army, it is possible that the gunmen had planned to kidnap a soldier. A new organization called "the army of Allah's supporters" claimed responsibility for the foiled terror attack. The organization said it would release details about the attack later in the day. About 10 to 12 terrorists took the horses off the truck and began planting the devices near the fence. At this stage, they were spotted by an IDF force and began firing at soldiers from Golani's 13th Regiment.

The troops fired back, and the terrorists tried to escape and return the horses into the truck. At least four gunmen were killed in the battle. The force chose not to enter the Strip for fear of an abduction trap, and the army sent warplanes and tanks to the area instead.
I am not sure I am buying this 'new' terrorist group and find it a mite convenient for Hamas not to take the blame for another 'failed' attack. If you are anything like me you are wondering why PETA is so silent about booby-trapping horses? Possibly they have not recovered from protesting our Governor-General.

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