Friday, November 25, 2005

Where’s the Love?

I am a day late and a rap short on the ban the 50 Cent Massacre Tour from Toronto but I do have two bits to say. Is it too much to ask that self-proclaimed liberals and progressives remain idealogically consistent? 50 Cent is a former gangbanger and drug dealer who seen the light and mended his ways. He now only raps for his daily bread.

Last time I checked musician was a legal profession in Canada. Frankly, I thought that liberals and progressives were all gung-ho for the concept of rehabilitation of criminal offenders. 50 Cents should be your natural poster child. Embrace the man and reclaim your tolerance.

Furthermore, he’s proof that there is a pay-off for being legit. He now makes more money for the glamourization of the gangsta lifestyle and extolling the virtues of pimping and drug dealing to your children in song. Isn't it progressive not to confuse the man with the message? So what if his concerts are often marked by violence. He ain’t dealing that play, he’s just there to collect. Clean-up is your issue - not his.

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