Tuesday, November 29, 2005

There is no joy in this election for me.

I was listening to Fox News this morning and discovered that the “MAR – TAIN” government of Canada has fallen. I guess the anchor thought the Paul Mar-tin couldn’t possibly be an Anglo or that is what the Fox anchor believes passes for an English pronunciation in Canada.

I find myself strangely apathetic to the news. Oh, I am not in any doubt who I will vote for. I know who I would like to see form the next government out of the choices available to me. And I will do exactly what I did last election. I will hold my nose and vote CPC. This time round I have actually met the CPC candidate for Toronto-Central and I like the man, but I am uncomfortable with the party as a whole. There is no question that it is long past the time for the Liberals to end their stranglehold on what passes for the mechanism of government in Canada. Their tenure has been far too long already. Adscam is not only proof of that but the logical consequence when one party’s tenure at the helm goes unhindered or unchallenged.

Maybe the problem lies in that I am waiting for a Canadian Goldwater moment or at the very least a Canadian equivalent to “morning time in America”. I want our own version of Reagan or Thatcher, and instead, I get a conservative version of Jimmy Carter. Not a fair trade by any means.


giornalista said...

I thought Martin was a franco-Ontarian?

Also, I disagree. I think Stephen Harper is the conservative version of Howdy Doody, only slightly more wooden.

(Honestly, doesn't the CPC get it that candidates for the prime ministership living west of Windsor or East of Quebec City need not apply?)

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Harper was born in Toronto therefore he qualifies. I met the man, howdy doody he isn't. But Harper always reminded me of the guy your parents always wanted you to date in high school. Decent, hardworking, had his future all mapped out and steadily working towards becoming an accountant or dentist but the problem was you just didn't want to date him - at least not yet.