Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Carnival of Liberty XXI

A few months ago a number of bloggers whose blog’s I read fairly regularly started to sport this cool Life, Liberty & Property icon on their sidebar. I wouldn’t call myself a “libertarian” per say, but life, liberty and property are concepts that I don’t have any intellectual nightmares about getting behind or supporting.

Politically, I am still evolving, and as of the here and now, I am a cross between a Thatcherite Conservative and a Classical Liberal (not to be confused with a Canadian Liberal which deserves is own section in the Canadian Criminal Code and is commonly referred to as “Fiberal” in Ontario). To make a long story short, I applied and was accepted by the LLP blogs and now I, too, have that same icon on the sidebar. Consequently, I have discovered a number of new blogs that are challenging my assumptions and giving me new food for thought or just making me laugh. But LLP blogs do make it easy on the reader by having a host compile a Carnival of Liberty weekly.

This week’s Carnival of Liberty XXI is hosted by Left Brain Female who definitely posseses a brain worth picking and I can only say I am in wow.

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LBF (Left-Brain Female) said...

Thank you for the kind words, and welcome to the LLP Community! I feel like I've been at home here for a long time, but I've only been a member since August. It's really fun to sharpen our mental skills and challenge our belief systems against against others of like values - kinda seems like we have more in common than we thought, and makes the world seem a bit smaller and more friendly. I hope that makes sense - it's getting late for me and I'm getting tired, so words don't flow as smoothly!