Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Veteran sind der Grunddeutsche ist nicht eine Amtssprache von Kanada

I’m tired, cranky and wired with far, far too much chocolate to care about the Gomery Report today. Maybe tomorrow. But this caught my eye at Neale News as reported by the CBC Manitoba.
Veterans see red over Canada Post's poppy policy

War veterans in The Pas are angry with Canada Post for not allowing them to set up a poppy basket in the local post office. Duke Dutkiewicz, who chairs the Royal Canadian Legion's poppy campaign in The Pas, tried to place a basket of poppies with a coin box at the local post office last Friday, but he was told Canada Post policy forbade it. "I was told it's Canada Post policy that they do not allow any type of collection things within their premises," he said. "The veterans are very ticked off about it. They just don't understand it." "I'm a former retailer. I understand what they're going through, and I know they can make exceptions at some time."

Sitting in the local legion, Doug Goldstrand, 75, shakes his head in disbelief over the squabble. He says local veterans have set up a basket of Remembrance Day poppies and a collection box at the local post office for the past 35 years. "We're reminding people of the struggles that happened throughout the years," he told CBC News. "It's unbelievable that a thing like this could ever happen. We represent the veterans of Canada."

Canada Post spokeswoman Teresa Williams says the organization has a long-standing policy against allowing collections by organizations at local post offices. "There are about 65,000 very legitimate not-for-profit organizations in Canada. How can you tell one yes and another one no?" she said. "They all feel their organization is worthy, and I'm certain that they are worthy. I certainly know the veterans are worthy. But how can we say yes to some and no to others?"

Since Canada Post spokeswoman Teresa Williams cannot perceive why Canada Post should say yes or even make an exception for Canada’s Veterans, I believe that as a condition of her continued employment (and any other Crown employee who cannot comprehend this pertinent fact) should be compelled to learn to read, write and speak German. After all, that’s the least that would happen to them if those veterans had not prevailed against the Nazis.

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