Thursday, November 03, 2005

If you met a liberal on the road, kill him

Metaphorically speaking - of course. I found this at Neale News and it was just too rich not share. Taken for the World Net Daily:
"I don't own a single share of stock!" filmmaker Michael Moore proudly proclaimed.

He's right. He doesn't own a single share. He owns tens of thousands of shares – including nearly 2,000 shares of Boeing, nearly 1,000 of Sonoco, more than 4,000 of Best Foods, more than 3,000 of Eli Lilly, more than 8,000 of Bank One and more than 2,000 of Halliburton, the company most vilified by Moore in "Fahrenheit 9/11."

Best Foods, I can understand, but Boeing, Sonoco & the really eeevil HALLIBURTON? Whatever would Dick Cheney say?

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