Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Canada does not stand up for traitors

Thanks the heavens for small blessings, and as a Canadian, I am more than a little okay with that. It won’t affect my sleep in the slightest but what sends me around the bend is how our media continues to give this woman a platform for her delusions. Today, Elsamnah Khadr, is once again, lashing out at the Canadian government in what she perceives is Canada’s failure to stand up for her son Omar Khadr reports the Toronto Star:
In an interview with The Canadian Press, Maha Elsamnah lashed out at both Washington and Ottawa over the detention and treatment of her Toronto-born son, Omar Khadr, 19, who faces the death penalty if convicted by a special U.S. military tribunal.

“The Americans are gods now,” Elsamnah said from her east-end Toronto home. “The Americans can do anything. They make the law. Nobody can tell them anything. Nobody can disagree with them.”

Khadr was just 15 when he is alleged to have thrown a hand grenade that killed an American soldier and wounded another during a firefight with Taliban fighters in Afghanistan in 2001. He arrived in Guantanamo Bay as a 16-year-old, the youngest enemy combatant detained there, and has been held at the base on Cuba amid accusations from supporters that he has been tortured. “The Canadians have not been trying anything,” said Elsamnah.

Forget Cindy Sheehan. Cindy Sheehan has nothing on Elsamnah Khadr. Why this woman has not been charged with abusing her children is beyond me and the fact that she hasn’t and is still allowed to roam around freely sprewing her hateful bile against our country while living off the fat of the land should be an affront to all Canadians.

I first wrote about Elsamnah Khadr back in February 2005 when she was demanding justice for her son Omar. Nothing that has transpired since has changed my opinion from my position. Omar is still a traitor.

A Mother Calls for Justice "

As a mother, I beg every Canadian mother and father to help me get justice for my son and bring him home," says Elsamnah Khadr as reported by the Toronto Star. Elsamnah Khadr’s son is 18 year old Omar Khadr who is currently being held as an enemy combatant in Gitmo Bay, Cuba.

The innate issue with the Toronto Star's article is that the focus is on the effect and not the cause that lead to then 15 year old Omar being held as an enemy combatant. The Toronto Star article serves no other purpose than to act as blatant attempt to create sympathy in the Canadian public for the now 18 year old Gitmo detainee. In fact, the Toronto Star article only alludes to Omar’s activities and subsequent capture with two brief sentences scattered throughout the article.
The 18-year-old, whose late father was a close associate of al-Qaida terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, was arrested by American military forces in Afghanistan almost three years ago after he allegedly killed a U.S. soldier.

The U.S. military also accuses him of killing an American army medic with a grenade.

To give the Toronto Star its due, the article does tell us that US Forces shot and badly wounded Omar in the fire fight that lead to his capture. Of course, US Forces freely gave Omar the medical treatment he so sorely needed for his injuries; and consequently, Omar has lived to breathe another day unlike Sgt. First Class Speer.

For those with short memories, Omar Khadr is a Canadian national who fought on the side of the Taliban against Coalition Forces in Afghanistan. He was ultimately captured after a fire fight in a remote village in Afghanistan against US Special Forces but not before he threw the grenade that killed Sgt. First Class, Christopher J. Speer, Combat Medic, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne). Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer was not only a beloved son and brother, but the beloved husband of Tabitha; and beloved father of Taryn and Tanner.

Omar’s lawyers claim Omar has been abused as a detainee in Gitmo Bay. Omar has been made to stay handcuffed in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time, he has been subjected to interrogations by intelligence agents, he has been threatened with rape, he was once used as a "mop" after he urinated on the floor. Omar’s lawyers complain that the government of Canada has failed Omar in two distinct ways; by failing to halt Omar’s interrogations and for not obtaining his release from Gitmo Bay. Hence, the Canadian government is complicit in his alleged "torture".

Furthermore, the lawyers for Omar are petitioning in Federal court for an injunction against any futher interrogations of their client in Gitmo Bay as well as damages for the amount of $100,000 for violating Omar’s "constitutional rights."

Well, as a Canadian, and mother of many, I too, second Elsamnah’s pleas for justice for Omar. I would heartily support and lend my voice to Omar’s mother call for justice and request that the Canadian government petition US authorities for Omar’s release to the Canadian Armed Forces in order to facilitate his trial for Treason under the Canadian Code of Military Justice, and if a guilty verdict is rendered; I would ask that the court seek the maximum penalty for Treason be imposed and carried out post haste.

Elsamnah, while you taught your sons to fight beside those who seek to imprison and enslave others; my son shoveled snow from the walkways of his elderly guitar teacher’s home. While you allowed your sons to wander the hills and valleys of Afghanistan bringing death and destruction, my son risked his life to save a toddler from an on-coming car. While your sons were shooting at the defenders of freedom, my son was fighting on the school playground to save a female classmate from a beating at the hands of an older male student. While your sons were shooting at Coalition Forces; mine was giving up his lunch to two South Asian female classmates who had nothing to eat because he cannot bear to see females or younger children suffer. While your son willfully lobbied the grenade that killed another woman’s beloved son, mine dreams of one day standing in his place and championing the rights of others who cannot defend themselves. The day you allowed your son to pick-up arms and fight against the soldiers of his native land he forfeited all rights to walk and live freely upon his native soil.