Friday, November 18, 2005

Forget Bill Cosby

Tasha Henderson is my new role model.

A big THANK-YOU for the Meatriarchy for posting this.


Ian Scott said...

Heh.. let me tell you what my parents did...

I was about four years old - and there was a "gang" of us kids (this is back in the days when it was "safe" to let your kids outside for awhile) - and some in the "gang" were a bit older.

Now, it wasn't any kind of organized gang.. just a bunch of us. And one of them suggested we go into the local variety store. So we did, and we all took candy.

My mother found me with candy. She knew I had no money, and so she asked where I got it. She discovers what happened. She calls my dad, who was working at the time for Vaughan Township Police.. he knows a guy on Richmond Hill Police (this is before the Regional Police force).. they make arrangements to take me to the Richmond Hill police station, where they show me a cell, and lock me in it, and some guy comes and brings me bread and water.

They tell me this is what happens when you steal from others.

Emotionally scarring? Not a chance. Yeah, I was a bit scared.. it lasted probably all of five minutes.. and I never stole a thing again in my life.

Candace said...

I posted on this article as well. Frankly, I'm with you - it's a thing of beauty.