Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Smeared by the Truth

The problem with democracy as a system is that it only functions effectively as long as there are adequate checks and balances to power. The meltdown of the democratic presidential candidate is riveting drama but it is a sad day when the best candidate the Democratic Party can field is a narcissistic anti-hero.

For a democracy to thrive and prospure it is not enough to have at the minimum a healthy two party system, there must be a third check to power; a press that is independent and inquiring. Big media/journalism is now in the same sad sorry state that the Democratic Party is and that portends ill for all citizenry.

All hope is not lost, as the citizenry are leading the way through the blogsphere. The blogsphere has become the new townhall forum. In the ongoing sage of John Kerry, Vietnam veteran, we have David Limbaugh’s blog posts with a must read three part interview with John O’Neill, leader of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. This is the first time that I have seen John O’Neill actually finish a sentence. All in all, I think that Mr. O’Neill comes across very credibly. Read it and judge for yourself.

Captain’s Quarters and Powerline all have posts suggesting that the John Kerry is backing away from the official story of his first purple heart. If I was Michelle Malkin, I think I would be feeling somewhat vindicated right about now.

John Kerry maybe the first presidential candidate in history who is smeared by the truth.

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